Thursday, August 5, 2010

Todays Newspaper

This morning, I walk into work. As per usual, put my bag down, turn on my computer and head to the kitchen in search of food.

Once in the kitchen, I noticed nobody has unwrapped the newspapers yet, so I get to work trying to find that elusive end of the pink wrapping.

Now this morning I was in the kitchen with James, one of our IT guys. Once I had the newspaper open there was a Muslim(I assume) woman on the front cover wearing all black, burka included, and the title of the story read something along the lines of "Why I must wear my burka in court".

I then decided I would make a highly rude/racist comment, I couldn't help it really. Some one was going to say it eventually, I guess I just got in first.

"Hey she looks like a ninja!"

Good work Melissa -_-

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