Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Red Bull

Ok, so who here loves Red Bull? Yeah me too. Now who here also loves that ridiculously insane leg jiggle you get when you have drunk too much?


I was sitting at work today, stressing out of my mind! And Louise (Best friend/colleague/House Mate) Says;

"Hey Mel, I'm going to the deli do you want anything?" - I for god knows what reason say "Oh yes please. I'll have the biggest Red Bull they have".

I had a temporary brain wipe where I must have forgotten how big these cans are. So when she walk back into the office carrying the biggest mother fucking can of Red Bull. Mentally I was like Whoa, how the hell am I going to tackle this one? I accept the challenge gracefully (After all I did in fact ask for the biggest Red Bull they had) and she goes back to her desk. I then crack the beauty open and get back to work, sipping here and there. What feels like seconds later, I reach for a sip... THERE IS NONE LEFT! How the hell I consumed that is beyond me... However I did it :D

Then the leg jiggles hit. They were so extreme XD

How how I do ♥ Red Bull.

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