Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oh My God...

What do you do when all you want/need to do is vent or rant or what ever it is you do, but you can't?

Perhaps your Mum is way too busy at work and can't spare the time? Or maybe your best friend has just had her own breakdown and you kind of were the reason it happened? Or you feel like your boyfriend (who you can usually confide in) is irritated over something, that is also your fault?

I feel so lost today :( Normally I wouldn't even think twice about running to any of those three people but today... Today is another story.

Maybe just stay positive and upbeat? But why? Nothing is going to plan any way... I mean sure somethings are, like my budget(ish) and, my job! My job is going really well, even if it is always stressful.

I hate hormones, they make me feel stupid things D=

I'm going to make a payment of my boyfriend debt which will make me feel really good tonight : ) Also I'm going to be getting a fairly large job done for work which will also make me feel better :)

Hey, I've just figured it out... I'll vent to you, Blog and random lurkers...

I'm feeling better already.

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