Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday - 9th of August

Today was horrific. I'm not 100% about what made it specifically horrific, but I sure can point out alot of it.

Firstly, I left my can of redbull in the freezer so I had to run back inside while my house mate grabbed fuel, otherwise the can would have exploded therefor ruining the freezer, therefor getting me in the shit D=

Secondly, the traffic this morning was so shit rendering me late on a morning when I really didn't want to be late.

Thirdly, I this morning woke up to a break out on my chin, after my skin had finally cleared up and I was getting happy with the way it looked.

Fourthly, There is a new girl working in Snap Burswood. I like Dijana, she rocks. I don't want to have to go about learning this new girls name and being nice to her and what not. She was eating strawberries for Christs sake! I hate people (mainly females) who manage to put more effort into their day to day life than I do >= petty, but none the less true.

Fifthly, the Snap 2010 Convention, is approaching at a rapid rate of noughts and I am terrified! I have to fly to Sydney on my own. I'm sure I'll be fine. Take my smutty novel, take my iPod. What could go wrong? I think I might go out while I'm at work tomorrow and buy a couple of magazines for the flight to ensure I stay entertained.

Sixthly, one of the Sydney girls, is being a total mole about a job that I used to have to do, but thankfully it has been passed on to her. Every time she replies to my emails with her smarmy attitude it makes me want to scream!!! (Or cry, I did a lot of that today)

Seventhly, I really wanted to get one part of the convention done by today, the lanyard inserts for a couple of the ladies in the Sydney office to help me with. But no! The regular mail guy Johnny, he has gone on holiday, leaving me with some retard who decides to show up half an hour early, which meant that I couldn't finish my job in time. (Also rendering me in tears)

Eighthly, The Sydney girl who is doing the job I had to do? Yeah she sent me another fucking email. I then had a tantrum at my Mum/Manager and cried some more.

I would just like to skip maybe the next couple of days, and pretend that everything is going to be okay :)

I'm going to miss Mike this weekend, a lot, and the time difference is going to suck balls, because when I'm going to bed all of my Perth friends are going to be really awake still. No talkies for me the rest of this week.

Any who, I'm off now.

Much love xxx

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