Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Pet Peeve Number 1: Being Late.

Yes I know that sounds really bad, but oh lord how I do hate it when I am late to things. In fact endeavour to be at least 10 minutes early to everything.

Pet Peeve Number 2: Other People Being Late.

This sounds terrible, and I know that this shouldn't irrritate me as much as it does, but damn it annoys me when OTHER PEOPLE are late. Like hello, if I put the effort to be at least on time, surely you should do the same for me?

I have become quite accustomed to dealing with people who are late all the time, I think most of society has especially with people now being able to check emails and make calls on the go. In some instances even being called into conference calls while on the move.

What makes it worse is when you are with some one going to an event together and they are all like "Oh we'll make it on time. Dont stress" And you know you're already 10 minutes late, also not to mention the fact that you have been ready for at least half an hour before you needed to leave to ensure that you had enough spare time if any disasters came up.


Much love xxx Mel

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