Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Awesome Things

Ok. So yesterday at work, I was slacking a little bit, and stumbled across this amazing blog.

It is such a fun friendly read :)

I must have spent what felt like hours (Only in fact a couple of minutes) reading some of life's most AWESOME things and thinking to my self, "Hey yeah, that is pretty AWESOME and I didn't even realise it"

I especially like #452 Picking things up with your feet

"Embrace your inner monkey.
Dirty crumpled socks, dropped Doritos, rogue pen caps: We see you there. Yes, we see you right in the crosshairs of our toes and we’re about to scoop you up with a good old fashioned foot scrunch.
Bending over is overrated.
Picking things up with your feet is

Have a read (: Enjoy the AWESOMEness for yourself.

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