Thursday, July 15, 2010

Update =^.^=

Hi :)

Not that I actually think any one is reading this but it's fun to pretend right? ;)

I love having a friend who will nag you to do something you both know you should do, because you both know that you will reap the rewards later. You still whinge, they still nag some more. Hoorah for friends! Hoorah for Louise ♥.

I live with Louise now. I must admit, after the way everyone had been talking before I moved in, I didn't expect it to last as long as it has. However, I'm really enjoying it :) I think she is too!

Oh my gosh! Also, how about not over spending last month =D That was pretty darn cool! I felt powerful... I know that's lame but hey.

I'd really like to go to bed and talk to the Amazing Mr. Michael, however Apple is downloading a stupid fucking update for iTunes and I'd like to start a virus check before I go to bed.... You know just to be safe XD

Well I'm off for now, so have an excellent night blog, I look forward to talking to you next.



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