Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I wonder, is there something after death? Heaven? Hell? Are we reincarnated? Do we simply turn to worm food?

What will it be like for me? I am not a believer in faith... Surely 'God' will not accept me now, even if he is real.

Hell... Have I been that bad that I will be condemned to the underworld? And what would await me there? Rape? Torture? Mutilation? Surely not...

Reincarnation... What will I become once this life has had enough of me and decides to spit me out? A mouse? A horse? A crazy axe wielding Barbarian? Can I 'go back in time' and become a creature/person from the past? A Dodo perhaps?

Worm food... Now this is the scariest of all I think... Simply no longer existing, no more thoughts... No more sounds, or tastes or smells.... Never being able to touch, feel nor hear anything ever again...

Death... I wonder what awaits me?

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